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A multi-talented artist, navigating between the electro and pop spheres, Loman subtly combines energetic and deep beats, melancholic and textured sounds, with a voice that is sometimes suave and bewitching, sometimes crystalline and poetic.

Evolving between his two cultures, France and Japan, his art is inspired by these two polarities to draw a unique sound landscape, nuanced and delicate, made of chiaroscuro. Influenced by the cinematic atmospheres of Apparat, the sophisticated rhythms of Jon Hopkins and the poetry of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Loman explores a wide range of textures, while elegantly blending the synthetic with the organic, evoking deep and complex emotions in the listener.

After the release of his first EP "Night Time" in May 2021, produced in collaboration with the group FORM (Nowadays Records), he unveils three new singles. Winner of the french contest "Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges" in 2022, Loman is about to release his second EP, in the fall of 2023, under the label of french producer Vitalic, Citizen Records / Clivage Music.


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